• While oligarchs were dividing Ocean, the losses of the plant tripled, reaching more than 110 million hryvnia

    Nikolaev Shipyard Ocean from Nikolaev Ukraine finished 2011 with a loss of 110.395 million hryvnia. This is three times more than in the preceding 2010, when the Ocean had 36.903 million hryvnia in losses.

    The net income of the plant decreased by 50.02%, or 71.405 million hryvnia to 71.349 million hryvnia in comparison with 2010.

    Recall, as previously reported, in November 2011 the businessman Vadim Novinsky’s Smart Holding adopted the Ocean into the operational management.

    It is known that the Court of the Southern District of New York (USA), on the 6th of April ordered the law company Chadbourne & Parke LLP (U.S.) to provide the documents on the withdrawal of the Ocean shipyard (Nikolaev) from the ownership of the Okean BV Company (The Netherlands).

    It should be noted, htat the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine earlier quashed the bankruptcy of the Ocean.

    Previously was also reported that the Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Zhevago, who was among the contenders for the Ocean, intends to sue Novinsky. As some time ago in the Finances and Credit Group, which is controlled by Konstantin Zhevago, were going to invest money in Nikolaev Shipyard Ocean.

    It is worth adding that Novinsky pledged to buy the Ocean in January this year.
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