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    by Published on January 3rd, 2014 13:15

    The delegation of the region led by the deputy governor Alexander Fomenko takes part in the Second Road Show «Invest in Ukraine 2013", which takes place at the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

    On the road-show «Invest in Ukraine 2013", held at the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK last week, there were submitted 3 projects for implementation in the Donetsk region. This was announced today at a press conference by the deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Alexander Fomenko.

    "The total volume of 3 projects in the planned investments, capital expenditures, say, somewhere about $ 85 million, of which investors were offered in various forms to enter into financing for 49% of the share capital," - said the official.
    by Published on January 3rd, 2014 12:54

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed the construction of three highways under concession, which involves the subsequent toll on them.

    As the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak noted, the new routes are needed because of the growth of traffic on certain routes. Today we are talking about highways Lvov - Krakovets, Ulyanovka - Nikolaev - Kherson - Krasnoperekopsk - Simferopol, and Novomoskovsk - Zaporozhe - Melitopol - Dzhankoi - Simferopol.

    In particular, the construction of a new road through Nikolaev (Ulyanovka - Nikolaev - Kherson - Krasnoperekopsk), as well as road Novomoskovsk - Zaporozhe - Melitopol - Dzhankoi - Simferopol are necessary because of the congestion that occurs in summer and autumn due to the small capacity of the existing roads, with two lanes of traffic.
    by Published on January 3rd, 2014 12:47

    The perspective directions of expansion of economic cooperation between the two regions were discussed during the visit of a delegation of business circles of Nikolaev Ukraine in Zaporozhe. Zaporozhe region is a powerful industrial region, which is of an interest to Nikolaev business in different directions: from automotive to tourism.

    These people took part in the delegation work - the President of RCCI of Nikolaev region Katvalyuk Igor, the chief of the Department of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism of Nikolaev Regional State Administration Mykhail Tulsky, Nikolaev enterprise "ERA" (the director Alexander Burtsev), Ltd. "Tellus" (the director Andrey Tyurin), private enterprise "Malicki" (the Commercial Director Valery Donets), private enterprise "Ocean Tour" (the director Leonid Kurits), private enterprise "TK-Renaissance" (the director Valentin Belsky), the Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support in the Nikolaev region (the director Vladimir Yevseyev), state enterprise "Nikolaev Scientific Production Center of Standardization ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2014 12:25

    Communication is the most dynamic component of the region's economy, which ensures the right of a man to receive information.

    According to the Central Bureau of Statistics in Nikolaev Ukraine, in January-July 2013 the postal and telecommunication services were provided by 41 operators, 6 of them of international telecommunication.

    From the core activity the communication enterprises received 465.2 million UAH of income, from this amount on the services provided to the population - 335.5 million UAH, which respectively by 0.3% and less than 2% more than in January-July 2012. Of international telecommunication services there was received 17.7 million UAH of income, of which two-thirds were paid by the population.
    by Published on January 3rd, 2014 11:09

    According to the results of a sample survey of living conditions of November 2013 in the Nikolaev Ukraine, there are 447,900 households, accounting for 2.6% of their total number in Ukraine. In most families of Nikolaev region there is one child.

    This was reported at the press service of the statistics in the Nikolaev region.

    According to the report, from the total number two-thirds of families live in the urban areas, and the rest in the countryside.

    The region is characterized by a family of two people (31.2% of the total number). 176,100 families have children under 18 years of age, but in most families (79.2%) there is only ...
    by Published on December 26th, 2013 16:38

    At each historical stage of development of the country, navy played an important role in the economic and political component of the state. Intensive development of the national economy is not possible without efficient use of transport, so the state transportation system is interconnected and must work well, improving economic performance and contributing to its growth, making a profit, both from the construction of ships and their operation. Commercial fleet, has been and remains the basis of the transport safety of the state, showing its strategic power, and providing economic independence.

    The first world war, revolution, civil war and devastation, poverty, hunger in the country did not become a hindrance for a decree, issued on February 14, 1918, by the CPC On Organization of Workers and Peasants’ Red Fleet. This document was the basis for the revival of the fleet. It is important to note that during the period of revolution and civil war, the country has lost about 60 ships and about 310 have been stolen abroad. However, by the beginning of the ...
    by Published on December 26th, 2013 16:35

    Pavel Stolyar from Nikolaev Ukraine became the first Ukrainian wearing a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

    This was reported at the site of Nikolaev School of Martial Arts.

    Reportedly, Pavel will visit his homeland Nikolaev very soon again and will hold a workshop in Sports School-2.

    The nation's first master in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 10 years ago became a sportsman from Nikolaev, who went to Australia, who got engaged there with a quite unknown at home type of martial arts.
    by Published on December 26th, 2013 16:19

    Ilya Kvasha from Nikolaev Ukraine won the silver medal of the World Championships in Aquatics in pole-meter springboard.

    In the final, Nikolaev athlete essentially conceded to the Chinese Li Shisinyu, but managed to win a hard fight from the Alejandro Chavez from Mexico.

    Thanks to the excellent performance, and high rates of jumps Kvasha managed to force the fight to Oliver Clamps from Germany, Frenchman Matthieu Rosset and the Chinese Sun Zhiyu. The Ukrainian showed stability and restraint, in what has surpassed his competitors and eventually scored a good amount of points - 434.30.
    by Published on December 26th, 2013 15:40

    With the citizens of Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Ireland, Iraq, USA, UK, China

    In the first half of the year 478 marriages were already registered in Nikolaev, 58 of them with the foreigners.

    As the head of the city department of the state registration of acts of civil status Inna Klyuchnik says, for the six months in 2013, there were 147 marriages more that were registered in Nikolaev, than for the same period of 2012. 418 marriages were concluded between the citizens of Ukraine. As for marriages with the foreigners, in general, Nikolaev citizens marry the representatives of Israel, Azerbaijan and Russia. And also get married with the citizens of Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Ireland, Iraq, the United States, Britain, China, France, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Argentina, Nigeria, Italy and Switzerland.

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