• Templar Castle (Zamok Tamplier) - restaurant and hotel from fairy tale

    Long time ago when people could remember flying dragons, beautiful ladies dreamed of noble knights and they made acts of bravery in their honor. All here reminds on the beautiful legend of the forgotten fairy-tale world, where an amazing castle "Templar" (Tamplier) is located on the old road. All sorts of stories go about it - an iron dragon lives under the roof of the castle, the Knights Templar displayed on walls guard castle, a magical fog descends on estate at night and various miracles happen under itís cover.

    It is easy to breath the air is like a young wine, time retreated for a moment fills the space by invisible mist. Welcome to a fairy tale, era of chivalry and the time of Might and Magic, the days when honor and glory cost much more than gold and feats were performed only for one glance of fair lady. And now you have a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the mysterious and medieval atmosphere, visit the new country restaurant, hotel and entertainment complex - "The Castle Templar" (Zamok Tamplier), which is located in the heart of the Scythian steppes of the Black Sea in Nikolaev, Ukraine. The entire complex - a kind of ethnographic museum, with a fleet of siege weapons, medieval weapons and shooting range facilities.

    Architecture of the 13th century will make you feel as mysterious knight of the Order of the Temple and forget about the hassle and bustle of our days. Restaurant visitors will appreciate the style of old halls of the castle, strange attributes of chivalry and a beautiful park with a pond. It is for sure that our cuisine will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmets - the castle has always been famous for its meats and delicacies.

    If on the way you caught the bad weather, or wanted to rest, we will be glad to invite you to the hotel: comfortable rooms with all facilities available to our guests. And do not worry that you will be bored, this will never happen! You may shoot from bow or crossbow, ride a horse or become a witness of unprecedented spectacle - this knight fights! And you can not only see the tournament, but also they try battle armor and fight with our knights.

    You will be welcomed by beautiful ladies and noble knights, pages and maids of honor, and the theater of the castle will entertain you by outlandish scenes of medieval life. You will forget about tiredness and problems and dive into the world of fairy-tale extravaganza and magic.

    Castle "Templar". An old tale in our days...

    Address: Nikolaev - Kherson road 15th km
    Phones: +380(512)71-77-18, +380(67)515 24 86.
    24 hours open.
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