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    by Published on April 18th, 2012 17:04

    Dmitry Firtash and Lakshmi Mittal have never found themselves in such close proximity, as in the glorious city-port Nikolaev Ukraine.

    Earlier this year, they have almost simultaneously closed the purchases of major operating stevedoring companies.
    Firtash holding company OstChem got the company "Nika-Tera", created on the basis of the local terminal for potash fertilizers transportation.

    "Arcelor Mittal Netherlands B.V" bought the company "Nikmet-terminal" engaged in the loading of metal in Nikolaev Commercial Sea Port.

    Both businessmen see these acquisitions as the basic platforms for exporting goods produced by their premises from ...
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:58

    The magazine "Focus" published the traditional ranking of the richest people of Ukraine. Among the 200 entrepreneurs there is one Nikolaev citizen that takes 69 place - the General Director of joint enterprise "NIBULON" Aleksey Vadaturskiy. His fortune was estimated by "Focus" at 192 million US dollars.

    A few people from the ranking are indirectly related to our city. For example, the second place with a fortune of 4.373 billion US dollars, is taken by Vadim Novinskiy, which owns the Black Sea shipyard in Nikolaev Ukraine, and more recently, controls the "Ocean."

    The fifth place is taken by Dmitriy Firtash, that has recently acquired the joint enterprise "Nika Tera". His fortune is estimated at 2.834 billion US dollars.
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:55

    About this on March 30 the main Office of Statistics in the Nikolaev Ukraine region reported.

    So the message indicates that the basis of stock trading, as in previous years, was the trade of crop sector products, which share amounted to more than 97% of the total amount of exchange agreements. Total through the exchange, 1.1 million tons of these products were realized, among which the volume of wheat trade dominated. The prominent place was occupied by corn, oil crops, rapeseed and sunflower seeds trades.

    All in all, according to State Office of Statistics in the Nikolaev region, there are 14 stock exchanges, which as of January 1, 2012 held 92 bargaining. The total amount of trades is more than 3 billion UAH.
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:50

    Mega embroidery of 36-year-old resident of Nikolaev Ukraine Olga Gorozhanskaya claim to a new Ukrainian record. The mistress embroidered a map of our country with the size of 197 by 152 cm. She says that to get to Ukrainian Book of Records was not her intention at the beginning. In fact, she wanted to make a nice birthday gift to her husband, and, as not very experienced embroiderer, she hoped to finish work for a couple of months. And she was sitting over her embroidery frame ... for more than four years.

    She embroidered in the evenings after work (Olga is an employee of one of the bookstores), and when shortly before the end of her large scale project she went on maternity leave - she embroidered almost all days. As a result, a daughter and a work of art came into being almost simultaneously. Sophia was born in June, two months after Olga had graduated embroidery.
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:25

    Nikolaev Society of Germans, with the support of the Regional Council has created the film "Motherland, that was."

    The movie tells of the almost 200-year history of the colonies-settlements, which were located in Nikolaev Ukraine - Landau, Karlsruhe, Speyer, Caterinental, Christina and Sulz, about people, about the rise and decline of settlements.

    The total budget amounted to 12.5 thousand UAH, of which 6000 were assigned from the regional budget, the press service of the Nikolaev Regional Council informed.

    The head of the Nikolaev regional society of Germans in Ukraine "Wiedergeburt" Igor Meisner during the meeting with the head of the Nikolaev Regional Council, Igor Dyatlov presented the documentary and spoke about the work that the ...
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:19

    Maybe the weather outside the window is not spring like, but spring is felt at the Nikolaev zoo - there is time to acquire offspring.

    But if the Daursky cranes, sea eagles, steppe eagles, black vultures, and owls only hatch their clutch (for the success of this process, experts have created all conditions to the zoo birds - put nesting houses and provided nesting material), the animals have kids already in the department of predatory animals - on the International Women's Day eve the pair of Amur tigers Agripina and Helios had two wonderful tiger cubs.

    As reported in the zoo, the kids are doing well, gaining weight and growing. Agripina is a caring mother, and zoo workers created all the conditions for her that no one bothered her.
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:14

    On March 29, in the hall of the executive committee the meeting was held of the Turkish delegation from the brother city Bursa and Mayor Vladimir Chayka. As it turned out, the Mayor of the city Bursa Mustafa Bozbey and the Mayor of Nikolaev were friends, and a cooperation agreement was signed 10 years ago.

    The purpose of the meeting was very specific: Bursa had the initiative to present the park and the Turkish house to Nikolaev Ukraine. When this issue was discussed by Mustafa Bozbey and Vladimir Chaika, City Mayor proposed a counter-initiative - to build the Ukrainian park in Bursa.

    As a result, Nikolaev delegation headed by deputy Vladimir Guller from 12 to 16 March was on official visit to Bursa, where managed to gather the necessary information for building the park. Today, to choose the place for building the park the specialists from Bursa came.
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:10

    On March 28, the head of Nikolaev Ukraine State Administration Nikolay Kruglov and Chairman of the Regional Council Igor Dyatlov spent the protocol meeting with the General Consul of Bulgaria in Odessa Stoyan Gorchivkin.

    During the meeting the possible ways were discussed to gradually restore the previous volume of trade between the Bulgarian and our manufacturers, which, for objective economic reasons declined significantly over the past decade.

    N. Kruglov noted that the new Customs Code of Ukraine, which provided a significant reduction in terms of customs clearance of goods, would return the freight.

    S.Gorchivkin thanked the leaders of the regional government for favorable conditions for implementation of cultural needs of ethnic Bulgarians living in the Nikolaev region, and informed about new opportunities for his countrymen, who were not ...
    by Published on April 18th, 2012 16:03

    On March 28, on Liberation Day of Nikolaev Ukraine from the Nazi invaders, in the late evening the Nikolaev young people honored the memory of soldiers who died, with the "candle course" from Sovetskaya street to the memorial complex in honor of the heroes-paratroopers of the Konstantin Olshansky detachment, the press service of the Nikolaev Regional Council informed.

    The youth move titled "We are united by the fire of hearts" was attended by members of the Youth Board at the Head of the Regional State Administration, the representatives of youth and children's organizations, pupils and students of Nikolaev. Also the deputies of regional and city councils, Nikolay Zhuk and Artem Iliuk joined the young people.

    The participants of the move went walking along the main street to the Eternal Flame monument to the heroes-paratroopers with the burning candles, where they established them as a symbol of "Fire of Hearts" of the grateful young people of ...
    by Published on April 14th, 2012 20:25

    Every year on March 27 the International Day of Theatre is celebrated in the world. This is not simply a professional holiday of the masters of scene, it is a celebration of millions of viewers.

    The force of theatrical art, its role in society three theaters demonstrate, which are in Nikolaev Ukraine: Academic Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy Theater, Academic Arts Russian Drama Theatre and the State Puppet Theatre. They all have their own rooms, their auditoriums at the end of 2011 could take nearly 1,000 people at the same time.

    According to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office, during the past year, the theaters staged 24 new performances. Total for the year 1111 performances were conducted. Of the total 784 performances were carried out on their own scenes, 248 - within Nikolaev and 79 - in Ukraine. 219.7 thousand spectators attended the performances. 19 annual average visits is the share for 100 residents of the region.

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