• The Jewish community recalled the tragedy of Babi Yar

    On Monday, October 3rd, the Day of Memory for the 70th anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar took place in Nikolaev Ukraine Jewish Community Center. Funeral meetings and literary-musical composition were held. This was reported about in the Department for Nationalities of Regional State Administration.

    Among the participants were representatives of the state administration, of the Jewish community of the city, war veterans, Holocaust witnesses, school and college students (more than 80 people).

    The speakers of the event were recalling that 70 years ago, on the 29thof September 1941, in German-occupied Kiev began mass executions of people in Babi Yar. And still the tragedy is the largest in the history of mankind, when just during two day period of time almost 34 thousand people were shot. The Nazis were killing Jews for a whole week, and later - Gypsies, partisans, Soviet prisoners of war, the members of the underground. In total, according to various estimates, more than 100 thousand people died there.

    Physical holocaust of people due to the ethnical belonging massively occurred on the territory of the present Nikolaev region during the war years. During the first days of the Nazis occupation, 4 000 citizens of the city were shot at the city cemetry, more than 8 000 citizens were evacuated and holocausted in Oktyabrskyy area of the city, and 4.5 thousand were killed in Voznesensky region.

    Mass executions of citizens of the Jewish, Roman and other ethnic groups have occurred in many regions and cities of the area. Almost 120,000 civilians were destroyed in Domanevskiy district, who were brought there from Moldova, Odessa, Kirovograd and other areas.

    The Chairman of Nikolaev regional public organization The Jewish community, Goldenberg M.D., told of the work of identifying the places of mass executions of innocent people and perpetuating their memory, he expressed his gratitude to the Regional Administration, Regional Council for assistance.

    The acting Head of Nationalities Regional State Administration Departmenr, V.A. Chebatarov assured that the state administration would do everything possible to perpetuate the memory of millions of innocent victims, and for the prevention of any kinds of anti-Semitism, xenophobia, racism and intolerance in the Ukrainian society.

    In memory of six million Jews who were destroyed by the Nazis, the event participants lit six candles.
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